these are the visions of Miltenberg





robert allen Miltenberg


he calls the medium for his visions


topographical acrylics©




paint  redefining canvas



paint becoming canvas 





canvas becoming image



image becoming terrain


terrain becoming icon


a postmodern primitivism©









   the simple in the complex   

   the complex in the simple   



tongue-in-cheek commentary on

human past, present and future


     motion without movement


     stationary bursts of energy

    ignited by light and shadow


             it isn’t what it is

             it’s what it isn’t


           paint free of canvas

           canvas free of paint


        a quixotic approach to the

    textural, thematic and editorial


       all on triple-gesso primed

       100% cotton duck canvas


           primary size 24x36


         interior design optimal


        commissions considered


       all worQ displayed for sale






please direct all inquiries to


robert allen miltenberg ©